Infrastructure Support

infrastructureMy Web Prof have been running courses for over 10 years in areas of Real Estate , finance, law and energy and will now be developing program in infrastructure. My Web Prof Infrastructure Training aims to provide international best practice training in managing, financing, regulating and investing in infrastructure.

This course aims to provide both a simple yet effective infrastructural Support Services & Training including industries best practice. The course aims to get the best of IT training in small portion making it easy for new comer.

Offered Course Outline and Offered Services

Data Center Maintenance

•Data center relocation ,Migration & consolidation
•Building and Integrations, monitoring and replication
•Assessments , Integrations &hoisting

Multivendor Support Services

•Remote Maintenance support
•Monitoring and Ticket generation
•Tiered Level Management Services
•technical support and systems administration
•Storage Solutions

Network Infrastructure

•Routing and Switching
•Application Delivery Acceleration
•Persistent Threat Mitigation Solutions
•Web Content Filtering
•Network Access Controls
•Email Security

Application Infrastructure Management

•Application Discovery and Assessment
•Application Infrastructure Design
•Application Infrastructure Migration
•License/Vendor Management

Cloud enablement & Management

•Hybrid Cloud
•Cloud in a Box
•Consultancy Migration & Methodology
•End to End Cloud Services Portfolio
•Strategic Solutions

Product Integration Services

•Security and compliance
•End User computing

Total Infrastructure Outsourcing

•Remote Infrastructural Management
•Optimize, Accelerate and Simplified
•Data Center Outsourcing
•IT Infrastructure

While we deliver regularly scheduled ONLINE courses, groups of six or more can reserve private training at a time most convenient for them.