Basic Staffing Solution

Staffing SolutionsThis course covers the issues and best practices related to employee retention, reductions in force, and documenting and reporting on the selection and staffing process. It illustrates a systematic approach that can be applied to most organizations.This course also covers relevant theory and practice about the fit between work design, staffing, remuneration and reward within particular organizational and human resource management It aims to context Both the Theory and Practical Aspects of HR. Potential people who should take up this Course are HR professionals responsible for recruiting, screening, hiring, promoting, and outpacing employees, Line managers, supervisors, and team leaders who are involved in the recruiting process or in making promotion and succession decisions.

Offered Course Outline and Offered Services

Hiring a Federal Employee Merit Staffing

•Legal and Agency requirements
•Principles that underground merit staffing
•Responsibility for the staffing process
•Staffing and the HR process

Receiving the Recruitment Request

•Where do requests come from?
•What do requests include?
•What should I do with a request?
•Responsibilities of supervisors and HR staff

Identifying the Staffing Processed

•Competitive Service
•Merit promotion/internal placement
•Noncompetitive procedures
•Time-limited & Excepted service
•Selection for excepted service positions

Filling Vacancies

•The recruitment process
•Rating Candidates & Qualifications
•Time-in-grade restrictions
•Time-after-competitive-appointment restrictions.

Ranking Candidates

•Using competitive examining
•Using merit promotion procedures
•Analyzing the job
•Developing KSAs &Measuring KSAs
•Preparing & Issuing the certificate

Interviewing Candidates

•Job-related questions
•Questions you should never ask
•Conducting the interview

Selecting Candidates

•Working a certificate
•Reference checks
•Processing selection actions
•Pre employment/appointment packages

Pay Issues for Recruitment, Salary Negotiation

•Federal pay systems
•Minimum rate & Highest previous rate
•Superior qualifications appointment & special qualifications appointment
•Special salary rates
•Recruitment bonus & Relocations bonus
•Making decisions

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