Outlook.com_logoUpon completion of this course the participant should be able to use Microsoft Outlook effectively to create tasks, maintain contact information, schedule meetings and appointments, and send and receive messages.The course topics include understanding the Outlook interface, maintaining contact information, using the Calendar, tasks, appointments new Features in Outlook, find options Starting Outlook, Exploring Outlook Toolbar ,Outlook Today Exploring the Inbox  Symbol ,To add an e‑mail account  Creating and sending e-mail messages and all other features.

Course Outline:

New Features in Outlook

  •  Improved Find options.
  •  Starting Outlook

Exploring Outlook

  •  Toolbars
  •  Outlook Today

Exploring the Inbox

  •  Inbox Symbols:
  •  To add an e‑mail account
  •  Creating and sending e-mail messages
  •  More Inbox Symbols:
  •  To attach a file to a message from Outlook
  •  To create and send an e-mail message from another Office  program
  •  Receiving and replying to e-mail messages
  •  Organizing messages
  •  Using the Rules Wizard
  • To create a rule
  •  Creating an address book
  •  Building distribution lists
  •  To create a distribution list

Exploring Contacts

  •  Contacts Symbols:
  • Who are the Contacts
  •  To create a new contact from e-mail
  •  Ordering contacts
  •  To create a new contact
  •  Using contacts
  •  Sharing contacts

Exploring the Calendar

  •  To set calendar preferences
  •  Calendar Symbols:
  •  Scheduling meetings and appointments
  •  To add appointments
  •  To change the view of appointments
  •  To schedule a meeting

Exploring Tasks

  •  Adding tasks
  •  Task symbols:
  •  Assigning tasks
  •  Exploring the Journal
  •  Recording activities in Journal
  •  Journal symbols:

Exploring Notes

Using Outlook  with Exchange Server

  •  Exchange symbols:
  •  Tracking when messages are delivered or read
  •  To recall or replace a message you have already sent
  •  Public folders
  •  Outlook  folder permissions
  •  To create a public folder
  •  Share a schedule, contact list, or task list in a public folder
  •  To share a task list

Using Outlook  with the Web

  •  Net Folders
  •  Scheduling online meetings
  •  Newsreaders
  •  Viewing Web pages in Outlook


  • Creating User profiles
  •  Using Views
  •  Using / Creating Categories
  •  Using / Creating Groups
  •  Finding Outlook  items and files

Printing from Outlook