OneNote-150x150Microsoft OneNote 2010 is used to store information in a central location where it can easily be shared, backed up, and searched. In this course, we compares OneNote to a digital version of a spiral-bound notebook as he shows you how to quickly add text, pictures, video, and even handwritten notes. We also explains how OneNote integrates with other Office 2010 applications, especially Word, Excel, and Outlook. Additionally, we cover how to leverage powerful features such as the ability to link notes automatically, customize the interface, and quickly track down unread notes. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

 Course Out line 

What is OneNote?

  • Launching OneNote and touring the interface
  • Opening, closing, and saving notebooks
  • Creating new notebooks
  • Creating, moving, and deleting sections and pages
  • Working with sub-pages
  • Creating a note on a page

Adding Content to Notes

  • Working with unfiled notes
  • Adding screen clippings and pictures
  • Adding audio and video files
  • Recording audio and video
  • Adding files

Formatting Notes

  • Using styles from the quick gallery
  • Using bullets and numbering

Viewing and Organizing Information

  • Organizing the user interface
  • Searching a notebook
  • Creating links to pages with wiki linking
  • Tagging notes
  • Working with sections
  • Using section groups

Interacting with Outlook

  • Inserting Outlook meetings
  • Sending page information by email
  • Working with Outlook tasks

Using Writing Tools

  • Working in Pen mode
  • Manipulating written notes and drawings
  • Converting handwriting to type

Using Stationery and Templates

  • Using templates
  • Saving as a template
  • Choosing a default template

Formatting Pages

  • Setting paper size and margins
  • Changing page background options
  • Adding a background graphic

Sharing Notebooks

  • Saving to other formats
  • Saving OneNote content to PDF or XPS
  • Creating a shared notebook
  • Inviting others and syncing notebooks

Collaborating on Notebooks

  • Knowing who wrote what with author indicators
  • Locating newly added content with highlighting
  • Seeing past versions quickly with versioning

Researching with OneNote

  • Automatically linking your notes to what you’re viewing
  • Using the Research pane
  • Translating text with the Mini Translator