ms_access_logoWhat is Microsoft Access, and why would you need to learn to use it? Microsoft Access is a tool to manage information that helps you store information for reference, reporting and analysis. It can help you to overcome limitations you may find when you try to manage large amounts of information in Excel or other spreadsheets. Microsoft Access training from My Web Prof allows you to take control of your data using this relational database software. Our courses will teach you basic to advanced features of Access, and will cover what you need to know as efficiently as possible. The course topics include database concepts, creating databases, working with records, table relationships, creating queries, using forms, and generating reports

Course Outline:

Getting Started

  • Understanding Access
  • Starting Access
  • Creating a New Database
  • Opening an Existing Database
  • Selecting and Opening a Database Object

Creating Tables

  • Designing Tables
  • Creating a Table in Design View
  • Saving a New Table
  • Adding Field Names and Assigning Data Types
  • Adding a Field Description
  • Setting a Primary Key
  • Using the Table Wizard

Setting Field Properties

  • Using Field Properties
  • Limiting Field Size
  • Setting Number Formats
  • Setting Date/Time Formats
  • Setting Yes/No Formats
  • Setting Default Values
  • Setting Validation Rules
  • Creating an Input Mask

Working with Tables

  • Using Datasheet View
  • Using the Table Wizard
  • Adding Records
  • Moving through Records
  • Selecting Records
  • Editing Records
  • Saving Records
  • Deleting Records

Editing Tables

  • Changing Row Height and Column Width
  • Changing a Font Attribute
  • Changing a Cell Effect
  • Selecting a Column
  • Moving a Column
  • Hiding/Unhiding a Column
  • Freezing a Column

Modifying Tables

  • Inserting a Column
  • Changing a Column Name
  • Deleting a Column
  • Inserting a Lookup Column
  • Inserting a Hyperlink Column

Finding and Filtering Data

  • Sorting Records
  • Finding Specific Records
  • Using Replace
  • Using Filter by Selection
  • Applying/Removing a Filter
  • Using Filter Excluding Selection
  • Using the Filter For Feature
  • Using Filter by Form


  • Printing Table Data
  • Changing the Page Setup
  • Printing Selected Records

Creating Relationships

  • Using Related Tables
  • Creating a Relationship
  • Setting Referential Integrity
  • Adding a Table in the Relationships Window


  • Using Queries and RecordSets
  • Using the Simple Query Wizard
  • Creating a Query in Design View
  • Opening a Query
  • Adding a Table to a Query
  • Joining Tables in a Query
  • Running a Query

Modifying Query Results

  • Sorting a Query
  • Adding Criteria to a Query
  • Hiding a Field in a Query
  • Adding a Record Using a Query
  • Printing a Query

Using Operators in Queries

  • Using Comparison Operators
  • Using an AND Condition
  • Using an OR Condition
  • Using the BETWEEN AND Operator
  • Using a Wildcard Character

Designing Advanced Queries

  • Setting Top Values in a Query
  • Creating a Calculated Field
  • Creating a Function Query
  • Creating a Parameter
  • Creating a Concatenation in a Query
  • Using Multiple Tables in a Query
  • Filtering a Query

Creating Action Queries

  • Creating a Make Table Query
  • Creating an Update Query
  • Creating and Append Query
  • Creating a Delete Query

Using Advanced Query Wizards

  • Using the Crosstab Query Wizard
  • Using the Find Duplicates Query Wizard
  • Using the Find Unmatched Query Wizard


  • Introduction
  • Creating a Form
  • Editing Forms


  • Create a report
  • Printing Reports:
  • Labels