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Our online courses offer you the opportunity to study at your will and flexibility…..everywhere at your disposal. These small, concentrated e-learning courses are open to anyone with an interest in the topic and give you access to world-class learning led by industry experts. Choose from a growing program of both subject-specific and multi-disciplinary courses throughout the year, on various topics. The provided courses are including credits and non credit, self learning courses.

You will be able to study ‘anytime, anywhere’ and contribute to ongoing lively discussion and debate on the BLOGS and POSTS and on various social networking and professional sites connected to our portal with your fellow students and your tutor, on regular basis.

Fundamentals Of Social Media & Content Marketing


Social Media gives you a more unswerving path of contact between you and your market. Having a strong “social network” also allows you to communicate effectively with existing and potential users. In a way it creates a connection between person to person communication and person to technology interaction. It is tremendously important, creating a viral social media movement is just one of the characteristic of it; one of the paramount things about a social media marketing campaign is aftermath effects like better SEO, blogging, press etc.

Building Entrepreneurship

building EntrepreneurshipThe course material contained here is designed to provide a thorough introduction to the study of entrepreneurship in a classroom/e-learning setting facilitated by an experienced instructor. The purpose of such experience is to stimulate student interaction so that the ideas presented can be more fully elaborated, challenged and understood.The course is not recommended as an academic exercise, but rather a practical and participative learning experience for individuals seeking to improve their entrepreneurial capabilities. 


Business Accounting Concepts and Ratio Analysis Management

Ratios 150

The basics of Business knowledge fall into nine disciplines namely Marketing, Ethics, Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Quantitative Analysis, Finance, Operations, Economics, and Strategy. The combination of knowledge from all of these disciplines is what makes Business studies valuable. This synchronized, multidisciplinary approach is usually absent in apprentice business curriculum. By learning about business accounting concepts and ratio analysis at once, in one crash course, you have the opportunity to produce Business knowledge the way you would at the best business schools.

Efficient Marketing Management


Learning the fundamentals of Marketing is essential to the success of any business.The use of magic abbreviations like NPV, SPC, and MBO are actually very easy to learn and use provided you study and start using them at suitable time and appropriate place. The Business jargon are simple to study. As you go through this progression, you too will begin to reflect and talk like a Business professional. Our goal is to make you proverbial and familiar with the noteworthy management tools and theories currently being taught at the leading business schools .

A Guide to Business Strategy

 business-strategyStrategy is the most exciting course in any business curriculum because it gives the chance to put all of your management and work skills to effort. Strategy classes will place you in the chairman of the board’s chair, and you are going to love that feeling. Strategy refers to the actions that a company plans in response to or in anticipation of changes in its external environment, its customers, and its competitors Exposure to strategy concepts alters the way you look at businesses. Ultimately, strategy is a company’s plan to achieve its goals. Read this handbook of Art & Science.

Business Ethics

ethics An ideal atmosphere for employees and clients is one where methods of doing business cannot be questioned by the skeptical eye. Ethics can be the difference between a committed versus simply a compliant employee. It can be the difference between a client that spreads the word about for the greatness of a business for doing the right thing, and a client who vows to never become a returning client and further the cause of an unethical organization. In this course, you’ll learn about the standard of ethics and ideals that most successful businesses follow, while maintaining team member morale and optimum efficiency. To cover the major concepts, we will use real life examples and conduct industry wide case studies as we go through the course.

SharePoint Server 2010

logo-sp-server-150x150Bizquad offers customized SharePoint training using SharePoint 2010 for private groups as well as public online SharePoint classes using SharePoint 2010 and self-paced SharePoint courses using SharePoint 2010 for individual students.

The video demonstrates the full feature set in SharePoint 2010 and the necessary skills to be a SharePoint site administrator. The course shows how to use SharePoint, create sites and site collections, and plan and design sites and portals. It also covers Office integration, security and permissions, and advanced features such as document management and business intelligence.

MS Project 2010


Managing time, tasks, people and resources effectively can make the difference between success and failure when completing a complex project. Keep your projects on track, on time and within your budget by learning how to track all project management details in Microsoft Project 2010.

This comprehensive and mature tool is available in Standard and Professional editions, and may be configured to centrally store and manage data using Project Server.

Microsoft One note 2010

OneNote-150x150Microsoft OneNote 2010 is used to store information in a central location where it can easily be shared, backed up, and searched. In this course, we compares OneNote to a digital version of a spiral-bound notebook as he shows you how to quickly add text, pictures, video, and even handwritten notes. We also explains how OneNote integrates with other Office 2010 applications, especially Word, Excel, and Outlook. Additionally, we cover how to leverage powerful features such as the ability to link notes automatically, customize the interface, and quickly track down unread notes. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Microsoft Publisher 2007


Our introduction to Microsoft Publisher training course is suitable for new users who wish to create, personalise, and share a wide range of publications and marketing materials in-house. New and improved capabilities guide you through the process of creating and distributing in print, web, and e-mail so you can build your brand, manage customer lists, and track your marketing campaigns.Those who complete the Introduction to Microsoft Publisher course satisfactorily will receive a certificate at the end of the computer training course. After completing this course you will be prepared to attend the Microsoft Publisher advanced training course.


Microsoft Outlook 2010

Outlook.com_logoUpon completion of this course the participant should be able to use Microsoft Outlook effectively to create tasks, maintain contact information, schedule meetings and appointments, and send and receive messages.The course topics include understanding the Outlook interface, maintaining contact information, using the Calendar, tasks, appointments new Features in Outlook, find options Starting Outlook, Exploring Outlook Toolbar ,Outlook Today Exploring the Inbox  Symbol ,To add an e‑mail account  Creating and sending e-mail messages and all other features.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

pow pt-logoUpon completion of this course the participating real estate professionals should be able to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 effectively to create and manage their presentations in a professional manner, by making slides and adding animations and design techniques.The course topics include understanding the PowerPoint interface, adding charts, pictures, sounds and animation to the slideshow. This course also covers many advanced elements of PowerPoint, including adding movies, links and publishing on the web. My web Power point courses are made with step to step presentation skill so that you can take the best results out of your presentation skills.

Microsoft Access

ms_access_logoWhat is Microsoft Access, and why would you need to learn to use it? Microsoft Access is a tool to manage information that helps you store information for reference, reporting and analysis. It can help you to overcome limitations you may find when you try to manage large amounts of information in Excel or other spreadsheets. Microsoft Access training from My Web Prof allows you to take control of your data using this relational database software. Our courses will teach you basic to advanced features of Access, and will cover what you need to know as efficiently as possible. The course topics include database concepts, creating databases, working with records, table relationships, creating queries, using forms, and generating reports

Microsoft Excel 2010

excel-logoUpon completion of this course the participating real estate professional should be able to create professional spreadsheets, create formulas and functions, format cells and create graphs and charts to manage, analyze important data and present it in a professional manner.You will learn to use Basic workbook skills, working with ranges and creating simple formulas, coping and formatting data , printing and formatting cells ,working with column and rows,using automatic formatting styles and drawing graphs ad charts with the provided and interpreted data

Microsoft Word 2010

word-logoUpon completion of this course the participant should be able to use Microsoft Word effectively to create and manage their documents in a professional manner, write proposals, make brochures and send personalized mailers.The course topics include understanding the Word 2010 interface, entering and editing text, moving and copying text, text formatting, page layout, and spell check. This course also covers many advanced elements of Word 2010, including mail merge, tables and inserting clip-arts, pictures and drawing graphic objects.